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Artist Location: London, UK.
Music Genre: Dubstep.
Booking Agent Telephone Contact: 0044.7979.325.737
Booking Agent AIM Contact: TWUAgency
Booking Agent Twitter Contact: @thiswayupagency
Booking Agent Email Contact: bookings@twuagency.co.uk

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While keeping the foundation soulful, Heny G moves from dance floor to easy listen productions seamlessly, an extremely talented producer who's known for his high energy and passionate DJ sets the world over.

At the young age of 24, Malcolm Christopher Gustave aka DJ Heny.G has been a part of the dubstep scene before it even had is name. From having had music in his life since birth, nothing was going to stop Heny getting involved with underground electronic music from being infected with lush jungle sounds from listening to mighty pirate stations such as Kool FM, Weekend Rush and DON FM at the tender age of 7.But it was only until 1997 where Heny first learned to mix and the face of the pirate radio scene had changed drastically from Jungle/Drum & Bass to UK Garage, this was the point Heny progressed quickly as a dj.In 1999, Heny.G aged then,13 years old had earned his first pirate radio show on Freeze FM 90.4(now on 92.7)and had 2 sneak to his radio shows when his mother was sleeping and the hunger for being a well known dj was just starting.

In 2000, Heny met up with long time friend Silkie and began to dj together at each other's bedrooms, house parties and various pirate radio stations and in 2001, Heny and silkie began to start producing at the age of 15.In 2002, Heny earned a job @ the well established soho record shop Release The Groove and also earned an A+R job with the shop record label and this was the point Heny had put out Silkie's first ever 12" ''Darksquare'' on his first record label Grimey Beats Recordings. This led to having high support from DJ EZ(Kiss 100),Martin 'Liberty' Larner and Youngsta (Tempa,Rinse FM, FWD) Heny.G and Silkie was still only 15 at this point.

In late 2002,Heny became close friends with Youngsta who worked round the corner from Heny.G's base at the legendary BM Soho(aka Black Market Records)and from having receiving a flyer from DJ Hatcha at now defunct Big Apple Records that would eventually change heny's music career, Heny started to go to a small event called FWD with Youngsta. Not long after this,Heny produced a track called ''Headshaker'' and from giving youngsta a md, heny got a call straight away from youngsta saying he would get the track cut to a 12" dubplate and possibly get it signed to his sisters(Sarah 'soulja' Lockheart) record label Soulja or Road. This experience had made heny's day but it all eventually fell through as Heny went through a tough time at home but still carried on reaching FWD every first Thursday of the month to hear the most freshest sounds in the country.

Still in 2002, Heny.G met Conquest at a pirate station they both played on called Lush FM 107.6 at the age of 16 and both became close friends quickly from quest respecting the music Heny was playing him and Razor Rekta also met Heny whilst working at the shop. This was a slow progression to what Silkie and Harry Craze was forming together, Anti Social Entertainment. In 2003, Heny.G met Jay 5ive at Release The Groove and met again in a studio, eventually doing radio shows together on React FM which Heny.G was a part of behind the scenes at the age of 17,going on top of tower blocks putting up transmitters and aerials all for the sake of spreading underground music in 2003.This is where the foundation of Anti Social Entertainment was born.

Razor Rekta had previously took Heny.G to one of the most well know pirate stations at the time in 2002 and was brought up to Delight FM 103.0 to do a guest show, it was then were heny had his first fellow dj that understood the FWD>> sound. This is where dj's and producers like Hatcha, Skream, Benga, Artwork, Horsepower Productions, Lombardo, Zed Bias, SLT Mob, PlasticMan (Plastician), Mark One (MRK 1), Oris Jay (Darqwan), Ja da Flex, Roxy & EL-B to name a few had had a high impact and influence on Heny and Rekta's vision which only a handful of dj's knew about which would lead to Anti Social Entertainment becoming a outstanding force within the dubstep scene.

Heny eventually progressed to working at a bigger and more established record shop in soho, Uptown Records in 2004.Heny was the assistant stock controller to clients like Quiet Storm (Caspa) and Mala (Digital Mystikz),supporting and taking in stock of their foundational dubstep tracks which no one else in the shop was prepared to do. This led to a relationship with the DMZ camp and earning Heny.G his first dubstep booking at their night DMZ @3r'd Bass in November 2005. This then led to Heny.G earning a daytime show on Rinse.FM 100.4 in January 2006 and the show was so successful, the show got moved to Logan Sama's (Kiss 100)former show time on Rinse, Fridays 7pm-9pm and the show had a new title called 'The Big Mouth Show'.

At this point in Heny's career, this was the first time Heny.G had fans from not just England, the whole world from Rinse FM being one of the first pirate stations to have a respected worldwide audience. It was more than special as well, Heny, playing exclusive and innovating sounds from Silkie & Quest as well as a few productions from the man himself. Fellow producer and friend Skream had then asked heny for a cd of Anti Social's music from hearing so much good talk from fellow dj's and producers. Skream received the cd in exchange for his innovating beats around 2005 at fwd and had tracks ''Hardfood'' and ''Mirage'' produced by Conquest included on the cd. The next day Heny had at least 10 voicemails from skream, filled with excitement that the croydon crew was not the only area that could produce tight innovative dubstep.

Eventually the two tracks got released on Anti Social Entertainments own imprint and Heny.G was now a household name in the early dubstep scene. In 2007 Heny.G earned himself a b2b set with Jay 5ive @ FWD, something that Heny had waited for six long years,a dream he thought that would never come true, after 6 dedicated years attending FWD>>but it did come true, and Heny became well in demand for his sexy, deep, soulful, bass driven dubstep sets, also well known for his mixing skills that only a handful of dj's could come close to within the scene. Heny eventually played at FWD and DMZ plenty more times after that as well as other up and coming nights in the early days of the dubstep scene and other members from Anti Social Entertainment became more in demand.

Today, Heny.G has played for almost every high profile dubstep event up and down the country and became well in demand over the globe. Heny has also started his own record label, Gangsta Boogie Music and has a fine line of releases lined up including club smasher ''Arena 1'' and radio friendly track ''Retro Love'' as well as forthcoming album tracks such as ''Child Hood'', ''Delayed Style'' and ''Candy''. Heny.G continues to experiment in deep, soulful, atmospheric, forward thinking music within his production alongside Conquest, Silkie, Kromestar, Harry Craze, Jay 5ive and Razor Rekta to name a few and continues to dominate the decks like no other dj in the scene.

Beware of the intense live dj sets of Gangsta Boogie Music when it comes to a club/festival near you!

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  • 26/03/2012 DJ.Heny G new album audio preview – “I C Everything” – Forthcoming Child hood album.

  • 03/01/2012 DJ Heny.G With Special Guests RDG & Crisp Dub UK Live On Flex FM Thursday 29th December 2011

  • 28/10/2011 KMAG presents… TWUAgency – Thursday 3rd November London – FREE ENTRY!

  • 25/10/2011 DJ.Heny G live in the mix on Flex FM – 20th October 2011!

DJ.Heny G new album audio preview – “I C Everything” – Forthcoming Child hood album.

The king of the Soulful sound, DJ.Heny G returns with his début album, Child hood.

Get in touch to book DJ.Heny G for your must see event, for exclusive previews promoting his forthcoming album!

DJ. Heny G Booking info

We’ve got a first look at one of the album tracks, pushing his soulful sound we all know and love, but bringing a new fresh new approach for 2012!

DJ. Heny G – I C Everything.

DJ Heny.G With Special Guests RDG & Crisp Dub UK Live On Flex FM Thursday 29th December 2011

DJ Heny.G With Special Guests RDG & Crisp Dub UK Live On Flex FM Thursday 29th December 2011.

DJ.Heny G Booking info


KMAG presents… TWUAgency – Thursday 3rd November London – FREE ENTRY!


KMAG presents… This Way Up Artist Agency.

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Time: 7PM – 12AM
Date: Thursday, 3rd November.
Venue: Cafe 1001
Address: 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL, City of London E1.


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A fantastic night of bass music brought to you by KMAG and This Way Up Artist Agency, showcasing some of the hottest producers and MC’s on the circuit and all for FREE, Christmas come early!
You can be sure to hear a wide spectrum of tempos to excite and interest your ears and mind.

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DJ.Heny G live in the mix on Flex FM – 20th October 2011!

DJ.Heny G live in the mix on Flex FM – Gangsta Boogie Music Experience 20th October 2011.

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DJ.Heny G Booking info